Buying a Home: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Admin. note: Here’s a good home-buying overview article. We will be going more deeply into each step of the process of buying a home over the coming weeks. As we always stress – don’t get emotionally over-sold in the process, and don’t skip a step that you see below. There are plenty of homes in the sea of real estate. Continue reading here

Learn About the Foreclosure Timeline – How Long For the Lender to Foreclose on Your Home

If you get behind on your mortgage then you can go into foreclosure but it is important that you try to work out an arrangement with your lender. In many cases the lender will be more than willing to work with you because they do not want to own your house and try to sell it in this housing market. Basically the time line for a foreclosure is about 2 or 3 months if they do not hear anything from you then you will get a notice form the bank to appear in court. It is better to avoid this at all cost and call the bank to make arrangements to go and see them. Continue reading here

Foreclosure Steps

As the global economy melts under the heat of a worldwide financial upheaval, Americans are fighting to maintain their financial status too. Most people are thinking about ways to deal with the sudden and daunting changes in their lives. As the rate of unemployment and industrial slowdown goes up, it’s becoming harder than ever for people to maintain a sound financial position. Continue reading here