A big Thanks to Garry Conn at www.GarryConn.com

You may notice from my footer that this site was designed by Garry Conn – free of charge I might add.  Well, technically free, but not a freebie. 

Garry is one of the true stand-up bloggers out there today and he’s been encouraging me for some time now to start a real estate blog – which I’ve done here.  Thanks Garry – looks great!

Garry blogs daily at:

www.garryconn.com and www.bloggingquestions.com

Both sites are chock-full of tips, helpful ideas and just generally good, non-hypey stuff.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “A big Thanks to Garry Conn at www.GarryConn.com

  1. You have a wonderful blog!

    Now go show us how to score the best deals on homes. If you don’t mind, here is a post suggestion. What is the best way to find out which schools are best for your kids when you are moving into an unfamiliar area? Don’t comment here of course, but make a post about it.

    I am glad I could help you and it will be tons of fun reading your blog as your topic is something that interests me. Talk to you soon.


  2. Thanks Garry my man. Great idea – I’ve consistently found desirable schools are a primary reason why homes sell quickly and at or near listing prices.

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