DFW Foreclosure Opportunities

You have probably seen the infomercials that portray investing in foreclosed houses as a sure money making thing. Talking to people actually buying foreclosures they are saying that buying a foreclosed home to flip or rent out isn’t an easy undertaking. As foreclosure inventory continues to rise it seem the purchase of a foreclosed home is timely but the typical deal comes with more problems than the average do it yourselfer can handle. With that said investing in a foreclosure can be rewarding if you’re willing to do your homework.

Range of Discounts

How much of a discount you need to make a deal work depends on your goals for that property. The shorter the time you intend to hold a property the greater discount you will need.  You should buy homes for 30% off market value if you plan to flip the property, and 10% if you intend to rent it out long term, it must cash flow though.

Buying Opportunities

Foreclosure Auctions: At a foreclosure auction, you buy the house “as is” and you might not be able to do more than look through the windows prior to the auction.  There are no inspection periods for these types of properties.  You could be bidding on a home that has been vandalized or that has severe deterred maintenance. Vacant homes may have water or mold damage. And the property may have legal challenges: liens, difficult-to-evict tenants or, in some states, a mandatory “redemption period” that gives the former owner time to try to get the home back.

REO: REO’s (Real Estate Owned) that lenders have bought back at auction, generally offer the easiest route for foreclosure purchases. With an REO, you won’t become involved with a stressed homeowner facing foreclosure. Although an REO is likely to be sold “as is,” you will have the right to an inspection, a title search and contingencies. Another advantage: You can finance the purchase with a conventional loan, assuming the home is habitable. However, the buyer of an REO is generally not likely to get as deep a discount as an investor in other kinds of foreclosures.

Due Diligence

 It is a great time to by DFW real estate.  It is a good idea to get a professional DFW Realtor on your side to represent your interest.  Although they represent you the seller, in most cases, pays their commission, giving you more money to work with.  Your DFW Realtor can help make sure you do not pay too much for your foreclosed property.  They have access to the DFW MLS and can give you the sales prices of compare sales of similar properties.  Some careful thought and a little faith and you will be on your way to owning a foreclosed home

Harry Ridge, the Broker of VIP Realty Platinum, has more than 23 years in the industry and has the knowledge and experience to lead his Real Estate Team in any market environment. Serving the DFW Real Estate Market & Plano Real Estate Market.

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