Purchase Foreclosure Homes- A Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Howdy all! Here is a good article on Purchasing Foreclosure Homes. These are great times to be looking at purchasing a foreclosure or REO property. Enjoy!

The current economic scenario has created an increase in mortgage defaults which has put forth numerous foreclosed properties on the real estate listings. Thus, today purchasing a foreclosed property seems to be an ideal investment if you wish to make investment in real property.

Real estate is basically defined as immovable property such as land and the other properties attached to it such as buildings and houses. In legal terms it is also known as real property. The investment in the real estate to a large extent depends upon its opportunity cost i.e. the investment in the next best alternative opportunity. These help to earn rental income and can also be used as collateral security in case you want to sanction a loan.

Foreclosed properties being an essential part of the real estate have their own set of advantages.

- Tax Deductions- The cost of repairs and maintenance on buildings are subject to tax deduction.

- Better business opportunity- These prove to be better investment ventures as they can be availed at prices below the usual market rates.

Different foreclosure processes have their own advantages.

BANK FORECLOSURES- These includes the properties which have been returned to the lender (i.e. the bank) due to non payment of mortgage. Now, since they want to get rid of these troubled properties, they offer them at attractive discounts. This proves out to be a golden opportunity for the investors intending to invest in real estate.

GOVERNMENT FORECLOSURES- The loans that the government issues, if these are defaulted, then the government pays them off and the property is repossessed by it. These foreclosed properties can be purchased like any other property but there are specific guidelines and laws that need to be followed.

FORECLOSURE AUCTIONS- If you are pre qualified with adequate finance, then you can be in a good position to put forth your bid to purchase foreclosure properties at an auction. These auctions provide you with a good platform where you can own a nice house that would not require all of your savings to be spent. Just prior to the auction you can even enter into a pre foreclosure process that may help to increase your savings further.

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