You Can Now Get Foreclosure Help – You Can Stop a Foreclosure on Your Home

You have it in your power to stop a foreclosure before it happens because you do not want to lose your home and hurt your credit score. In many cases if you get behind on your mortgage payment by three months then the bank can foreclose on your home.

Get Free: Stop Foreclosure Advice

Usually what happens is they will send you a notice that you have 20 days to vacate the home and then they will sell it at auction. You need to understand that the bank does not want to own your home and especially in this bad real estate market because they will end up losing money on the auction sell.

How to: Avoid a Foreclosure

You can make arrangements with your bank to avoid your house from going into foreclosure. It may be difficult for you to get up enough courage to face going in and talking to your banker but the truth is they are willing to help you through this crisis. We as a nation are facing one of the worst housing crisis ever and there are many reasons that people are losing there homes. In many cases they have adjustable mortgages and the rate has shot up to the point where they can not afford the house anymore. In other cases you may have lost your job and do not have enough money coming in to pay the mortgage.

Remember that it is up to you if you are behind on your mortgage to talk with your banker so you can avoid losing your house in a foreclosure. It may be difficult to do this because you may feel bad that you are behind on your payments but it is better to keep the lines of communication open and solve the issue than wait and let your house go into foreclosure.

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